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Trip Introduction: 

Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square is considered to be the best preserved of the three ancient royal squares in Kathmandu valley, with excellent examples of wood and stone carvings, medieval architecture, and repousse craftsmanship to behold. The palace of 55 windows, built for King Bhupatindra Malla in 1754 is the square’s main attraction, accessed through Sunko Dhoka, the Golden Gate, which is an attraction in itself. We’ll have a chance to visit the national art gallery or museum unless we prefer to just wander among the decorated shrines and deities perched high on their stone pedestals before we take a short stroll to potter’s square. Bolachhen, or potter’s square, is famous for the craftspeople that congregate here daily to mold earthenware out of wet clay. We’ll see a number of traditional Nepalese earthenware being produced, as well as a temple dedicated to Ganesh, known as the patron of potters, within the square. From here we’ll visit Dattatreya square, a magical place typical of a historical urban plaza surrounded by houses of fascinating architectural value. Located nearby are the national woodworking museum, and brass and bronze museum, where we can view examples of craftsmanship from the various dynasties who controlled the area over the ages. We’ll be sure to sample some of Bhaktapur’s famous dahi (curd), known for its mellow sweetness before we take a last stroll through Durbar Square to admire its charms in the evening light.

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